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In this Sonyindia Consumer Services Every Customer becomes a Team Member because of, When Customer Purchase the Product in sonyindia Consumer Services ,he/she gets a product with Free Membership Simultaneously. And

  1. I am the age of majority as per the Indian Majority Act, 1875 and legally competent to enter into a contract, and I have joined(Free MemberShip) in this company as Team Member of my own accord.
  2. Upon acceptance of this Team Member Agreement by Sonyindia Consumer Services, I will be an independent contractor and licensed Team Member (hereinafter “Team Member”) of Sonyindia Consumer Services, which status gives me the right to sell Sonyindia Consumer Services products in accordance with the Business Plan. This Team Member Agreement will be deemed accepted by Sonyindia Consumer Services at its sole discretion when it is entered into the Sonyindia Consumer Services database, so long as there have been no violations with respect to this application and the Policies and Procedures.; however, the original Team Member Agreement or a facsimile thereof must be received by Sonyindia Consumer Services within Thirty (30) days of entry into the Sonyindia Consumer Services database for it to be considered for acceptance. Team Member Agreements appropriately entered online followed by submission of completed Team Member Agreement, copy of the PAN card, and proof of address directly to Sonyindia Consumer Services or an approved Authorised Sonyindia Consumer Services Center will be considered for acceptance.
  3. I have read the Business Plan and the Policies and Procedures for Sonyindia Consumer Services independent Team Members (the “Policies & Procedures”). I agree to be bound by and abide by the terms and conditions of the Policies & Procedures. I agree to be bound by all revisions, supplements, and amendments thereto and further agree that they are incorporated herein by this reference. This is an integrated Contract (the “Contract”) that also includes the Business Plan and the Policies & Procedures. With the exception of these referenced documents, no promises, representations, guarantees or agreements of any kind shall be valid unless in writing and signed by both an authorized officer of Sonyindia Consumer Services and me. I acknowledge that any violation of the Contract or any other agreements or obligations I may have with Sonyindia Consumer Services may result in the termination of my Team Membership or other disciplinary action, as deemed appropriate by Sonyindia Consumer Services, at its sole and absolute discretion. Should any inconsistency be found between the Policies & Procedures, the Business Plan, and any amendment hereto, and any other publication of Sonyindia Consumer Services, the current Policies & Procedures shall govern.
  4. The only requirements to become a Team Member are to submit a completed Team Member Agreement form, copy of the PAN card and proof of address. I understand that a minimum product purchase must be made within Ninety (30) days of my Application being accepted in order to keep my Team Membership active.
  5. If I wish to terminate this Team Member Agreement, I will deliver written notification of my intent to terminate to Sonyindia Consumer Services. My voluntary termination will be effective as of the date such notice is received and accepted by Sonyindia Consumer Services.
  6. As a Team Member, I am an independent contractor. I am not an employee, partner, agent, joint venturer or legal representative of Sonyindia Consumer Services. I agree that I am solely responsible for my compliance with any and all laws or regulations related to my business in any jurisdiction exercising authority over me, including but not limited to the duty to license my business and to collect and pay sales or other taxes on sales and on products I consume unless Sonyindia Consumer Services otherwise agrees to collect and remit such taxes. I will obey any and all central and local laws, statutes, and regulations applicable to my business and me.
  7. Although Sonyindia Consumer Services may assist me in becoming aware of applicable laws, rules, and requirements, the sole responsibility to lawfully conduct my independent Sonyindia Consumer Services business in any jurisdiction rests with me. Therefore, I release Sonyindia Consumer Services officers, agents, and employees from all liability for any of my actions or omissions. I also waive any claims or causes of action that either I or others acting in my interest may have occasion to assert respecting my status or conduct as an independent Team Member or Sponsor of Sonyindia Consumer Services arising out of any of my acts or omissions. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sonyindia Consumer Services, its officers, employees, successors, Team Members, and any of its affiliated organizations for any claim, action or liability asserted or arising out of my actions, omissions, admissions or representations in sponsoring or conducting my independent Sonyindia Consumer Services business.
  8. I agree and abide by the stipulations that if any Team Member or any member of any stature tries to shift or crossline from their respective upline or to any other upline without any substantial ground and without the permission of the company such member's primary membership will be revoked without any prior intimation.
  9. This Team Member Agreement allows me to recruit prospective Team Members of Sonyindia Consumer Services in my Home Country. I may only Sponsor Team Members in other countries pursuant to the conditions outlined in International Sponsoring, which is included in the Policies & Procedures.
  10. I understand that only Team Members considered by Sonyindia Consumer Services to be in good standing may Sponsor new Team Members. Sonyindia Consumer Services, at its sole discretion, may reject this Team Member Agreement without disclosing any reason therefore. If this Team Member Agreement is not accepted or approved, I release Sonyindia Consumer Services and its officers, agents, affiliates, advisors, and employees from any and all liability, claims, damages or cause of action.
  11. I understand that I am responsible for training and supporting any Team Members I Sponsor under the Award Plan. I will perform a best effort bona fide supervisory, soliciting, distributing, and/or selling function in connection with the sale of Sonyindia Consumer Services products to the ultimate consumer. I also agree to reasonably train any Team Member whom I may Sponsor in the performance of these functions. I will maintain continuing communication with and supervision over my Sonyindia Consumer Services Team Member organization.
  12. I understand and agree that any Awards I receive from Sonyindia Consumer Services are granted under the rules of the Business Plan or the rules of a Sonyindia Consumer Services program as may be established from time to time.
  13. I agree that I may not alter, re-package, re-label or otherwise change any Sonyindia Consumer Services product, nor will I sell any such product under any name or label other than that authorized by Sonyindia Consumer Services. I further agree that I will refrain from producing, selling, and using any compensation plan, program, writing, recording or any other materials that have not been previously approved or provided by Sonyindia Consumer Services.
  14. I understand and agree that I may not convey, assign or otherwise transfer any rights arising here under without the prior written consent of Sonyindia Consumer Services. Sonyindia Consumer Services may assign the Contract without my consent.
  15. I agree not to use proprietary trade names, trademarks or other property of Sonyindia Consumer Services without the prior written consent of Sonyindia Consumer Services.
  16. I will make no claims of therapeutic or curative properties regarding Sonyindia Consumer Services products or claims involving the Business Plan that are not contained in official Sonyindia Consumer Services literature that is produced and distributed by Sonyindia Consumer Services.
  17. Sonyindia Consumer Services have proprietary rights to Sonyindia Consumer Services Team Members and lists of Team Member names. I will not use any Sonyindia Consumer Services Team Member Lists or other Sonyindia Consumer Services contacts to promote the sale or use of any products, programs or services other than those offered through Sonyindia Consumer Services, to any Sonyindia Consumer Services Team Member whom I do not personally Sponsor. I further agree that I may not hold a beneficial interest in more than one Sonyindia Consumer Services Team Membership except as expressly allowed in the Award Plan. I will return all existing Sonyindia Consumer Services Lists upon request by Sonyindia Consumer Services or upon my termination.
  18. In the event I choose to purchase Sonyindia Consumer Services Products on my credit card or banking debit card, my signature on this Team Member Agreement hereby constitutes my authorization to process any order I place with a Authorised Center to those accounts and to use this authorization as my “signature on file.”
  19. If any provision of this Contract is found to be unenforceable or invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
  20. This Contract shall be governed under the laws of India. I agree that proper jurisdiction and venue shall exclusively be in the courts at Rajahmundry and the contract in having arbitration clause as such the dispute is to be settled through arbitration only. In the event of a dispute, the prevailing party shall be reimbursed attorney's fees, court fees, reasonable travel and accommodation costs by the other party.
  21. I agree that regardless of the form of claim, whether in tort, contract or other, Sonyindia Consumer Services, its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies and their officers, employees, and agents shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages, including lost profits or any claims against Sonyindia Consumer Services. No legal action may be brought by either party to this Team Member Agreement more than three years after the event giving rise to the cause of action has occurred.
  22. I hereby agree to receive sms/email or both forms of communication, (if any) from Sonyindia Consumer Services to my registered mobile phone number/email ID.
  23. I have read the Terms and Conditions and after understanding the contents mentioned above I certify that the accuracy of all information provided by me in this Team Member Agreement and agree that the providing of false or misleading information authorizes Sonyindia Consumer Services to declare this Team Member Agreement void from its inception.

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